MRI screening may benefit women with prior breast cancer
December 7, 2020 -- Women with a personal history of breast cancer may benefit from routine MRI screening, according to two presentations at the virtual RSNA meeting. Both studies found MRI detected a substantial number of new cancers without increasing biopsy rates.  Discuss
Federated learning may boost AI generalizability
December 3, 2020 -- Training deep-learning algorithms with a federated-learning approach could help address the challenge of improving the performance of radiology artificial intelligence (AI) software across institutions, according to a presentation in a scientific session at this week's virtual RSNA 2020 meeting.  Discuss
MRI leads the way in neuroimaging innovation
December 3, 2020 -- MRI is leading the way in neuroimaging innovation, according to three presentations delivered on Wednesday at the virtual RSNA 2020 meeting. Neuroradiologists from around the U.S. presented their clinical and research experience with MRI in a variety of novel applications.  Discuss
Keep aware of head and neck injuries in winter sports
December 2, 2020 -- Radiologists need to know the essentials about head and neck, brain, and spinal injuries from skiing and snowboarding and about how CT and MRI can help in challenging cases, according to new research presented at the RSNA 2020 meeting by Swiss trauma experts.  Discuss
COVID-19 has far-reaching, nonpulmonary effects
December 2, 2020 -- Although COVID-19 typically manifests as a respiratory illness, the disease can affect many nonpulmonary body systems, according to a presentation delivered Monday afternoon at the RSNA 2020 virtual meeting.  Discuss
New x-ray systems mark Siemens exhibit at RSNA 2020
December 2, 2020 -- A slate of new x-ray systems, including a digital radiography system, a dual-purpose radiography and fluoroscopy system, and a mobile C-arm, are among the highlights in the virtual booth of Siemens Healthineers at this week's RSNA 2020 virtual meeting.  Discuss
GE products at RSNA 2020 include AI-enhanced imaging
December 1, 2020 -- GE Healthcare is demonstrating a slate of new imaging technologies at this week's virtual RSNA 2020 meeting, including the latest version of its interventional imaging platform, a new 3D mobile C-arm, and an array of products enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI).  Discuss
MRI, ultrasound diagnose post-COVID-19 muscle weakness
December 1, 2020 -- A combination of MR neurography and ultrasound could help clinicians better diagnose what is causing some recovered COVID-19 patients to continue to experience chronic pain, numbness, or weakness in their hands or limbs, according to commentary published December 1 in Radiology.  Discuss
Breast MRI shows promise for surgical planning
November 30, 2020 -- Preoperative MRI may lead to better planning for breast cancer surgeries, according to research presented on Sunday at the virtual RSNA 2020 meeting. One team found three MRI features tied to surgical success, while another group showed how preoperative MRI could reduce repeat surgeries.  Discuss
AI algorithm can detect, quantify brain infarcts
November 29, 2020 -- Researchers discussed how they used a deep-learning algorithm to detect, quantify, and assess the severity of infarcts in the brain on diffusion-weighted MRI exams in acute ischemic stroke patients in a Sunday presentation at the virtual RSNA 2020 meeting.  Discuss