The value of the CIIP: Part 2 -- Workflow optimization
March 20, 2019 -- If utilized correctly, certified imaging informatics professionals (CIIPs) can be tremendously valuable to imaging practices. In the second of a new series of articles, CIIP Luke Bideaux shows how a CIIP's skills in workflow optimization can yield significant cost savings and help to alleviate radiologist burnout.  Discuss
DBT slashes biopsy rates of benign breast lesions
March 19, 2019 -- Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) reduces the biopsy rate of benign breast lesions by as much as 23 percentage points compared with the rate of full-field digital mammography, according to a study published online March 19 in Radiology.  Discuss
Breast tissue seems less dense on DBT scans
March 19, 2019 -- Women may be almost 60% less likely to be assigned to a dense breast category if they are evaluated with 3D digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) compared with standard digital mammography, according to a new study published online March 19 in Radiology.  Discuss
Interventional radiologists pull down highest salaries
March 19, 2019 -- What's not to like about interventional radiology? It's one of the newest medical specialties, and interventional radiologists in the U.S. pulled down higher salaries in 2018 compared with their colleagues in diagnostic radiology, according to the latest data from's SalaryScan survey medical imaging compensation.  Discuss
AI can predict cognitive development from MRI at birth
March 19, 2019 -- By analyzing the white-matter connections of an infant's brain at birth on MRI, an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can predict the level of cognitive development at age 2 -- offering the potential to facilitate early interventions in at-risk children, according to research published in the May 15 issue of NeuroImage.  Discuss
What do patients think about radiology AI?
March 19, 2019 -- What do patients know about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology? While they may not understand much about the technology, they do have some thoughts on the subject, according to a qualitative study published online March 14 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.  Discuss
DWI helps predict breast cancer cases with metastasis
March 19, 2019 -- Apparent diffusion coefficient values obtained from preoperative MRI with diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) could help determine which women with breast cancer are at greater risk for developing metastasis, according to a study published online March 12 in Radiology.  Discuss
Study questions value of supplemental breast ultrasound
March 18, 2019 -- Breast ultrasound has become one of the go-to modalities as a supplemental breast cancer screening tool in women with dense tissue. But does it truly improve screening performance in this population? A new study published online March 18 in JAMA Internal Medicine is questioning the value of supplemental breast ultrasound.  Discuss
Radiology continues positive trend in 2019 Match
March 18, 2019 -- Medical students continue to be interested in both diagnostic and interventional radiology if preliminary data from this year's Main Residency Match are any indication. Only 10 U.S. diagnostic radiology programs reported unfilled for PGY-2 slots, while all interventional programs filled their available slots, according to the National Resident Matching Program.  Discuss
PET/CT helps assess at-risk coronary patients
March 18, 2019 -- Using PET/CT scans to determine the presence or absence of coronary artery calcium in patients with chest pain can help determine which individuals have the greatest need for quick remedial action and an increased risk of a future major adverse cardiovascular event, according to a study presented March 16 at the American College of Cardiology 2019 meeting in New Orleans.
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