Is point-of-care ultrasound the new stethoscope?
January 27, 2014 -- The role of point-of-care ultrasound in developing countries, the need for early ultrasound education, and the expansion of point-of-care cardiac ultrasound are among the featured topics in the latest issue of the World Heart Federation's Global Heart journal.  Discuss
In PACS, the sum may not always be better than the parts
January 24, 2014 -- Purchasing a turnkey PACS can be expensive. However, it's now feasible to buy individual components such as viewing software and vendor-neutral archives to save money and build a system that best meets your needs, according to researchers from Montefiore Medical Center.  Discuss
Making a Difference as a Sonographer: Shoulder and neck pain
January 24, 2014 -- In a new article from cardiac sonographer Doug Wuebben, he offers three simple exercises to reduce shoulder and neck pain in sonographers -- or anyone who spends too much time hunched over a desk.  Discuss
Start-up Brain Biosciences advances compact PET scanner
January 23, 2014 -- Start-up firm Brain Biosciences is hoping to ride the wave of interest in PET scanning for Alzheimer's and other brain diseases by commercializing CerePET, a portable PET scanner designed to offer more cost-effective neuroimaging than whole-body scanners.  Discuss
Adding tomo to mammography boosts reading time
January 23, 2014 -- Adding digital breast tomosynthesis to mammography significantly increases image interpretation time, which begs the question of how using the technologies together affects clinical efficiency, according to a new study published in the January issue of Radiology.  Discuss
Quantitative DECT predicts adenocarcinoma grade
January 22, 2014 -- Quantitative assessment of tumors using dual-energy CT (DECT) can help predict the aggressiveness and invasiveness of lung adenocarcinoma, according to a study by researchers from South Korea that was presented at the RSNA 2013 meeting.  Discuss
Arab Health 2014 offers revamped radiology congress
January 21, 2014 -- Attendees of the radiology sessions at Arab Health 2014 next week will be treated to an additional day of presentations and sessions dedicated to radiographers and radiologic technologists. The sessions also have a new name -- Total Radiology -- which reflects a broader focus on medical imaging.  Discuss
Levin: Radiology groups must retool to fend off telerad firms
January 21, 2014 -- The rise of teleradiology has led to the displacement of many radiology groups from long-standing relationships with hospitals. But it doesn't have to be that way if radiology groups can retool to become more competitive with teleradiology firms, according to Dr. David C. Levin.  Discuss
Software adds diagnostic value for heart disease patients
January 21, 2014 -- Dutch researchers have developed 3D visualization software that fuses anatomical and functional data into a single image. They believe the fused images make it easier to diagnose cases of coronary artery disease, according to a paper in the January issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  Discuss
IMRT confers survival benefit for head and neck cancer
January 20, 2014 -- Patients with head and neck cancer who received intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) had better survival rates than those who received conventional radiation treatment -- the first indication of a survival benefit for the more complex technique, according to a new study in Cancer.  Discuss
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