CT finds extracardiac malignancies -- most unknown
August 27, 2013 -- Cardiac CT detects serious extracardiac malignancies in one of every 150 patients, a prevalence that could have serious ramifications regarding who should be reading heart CT studies -- radiologists or cardiologists, or both, according to a new study in the September edition of the American Journal of Roentgenology.  Discuss
Breaking bank: Unruly doctors, residents cost hospitals millions
August 26, 2013 -- Disruptive behavior among clinicians and residents is not only time-consuming and potentially dangerous, it's expensive, with costs per hospital potentially reaching into the millions per year, according to a new report in Academic Radiology.  Discuss
Interactive reconstruction of raw CT data: The next frontier?
August 23, 2013 -- The image interpretation process has come a long way since the days of static film. In the next evolutionary phase, radiologists may be given the ability to perform interactive reconstruction of raw CT projection data -- the sinogram -- according to Dr. Eliot Siegel of the University of Maryland.  Discuss
MRI offers insight into rare uterine condition in younger women
August 23, 2013 -- Using MRI, British researchers have debunked a common misconception that a rare disorder that adversely affects the reproductive system of younger women prevents development of the uterus, according to a study published online in Radiology.  Discuss
Check the boxes: Building a dose management program
August 22, 2013 -- There is an increasing amount of discussion, legislation, and litigation surrounding radiation safety. If you think you have a robust dose management program, think again, says Neomi Mullens from Ascendian Healthcare Consulting. In this article, she checks off seven items all organizations should consider.  Discuss
Better together: Auto kV with iterative recon improves CCTA
August 22, 2013 -- Combining automatic tube potential selection and tube current modulation with iterative reconstruction delivered consistently high-quality coronary CT angiography (CCTA) images with doses that were lower by one-third, according to a new study from Korean researchers in Radiology.  Discuss
Global x-ray equipment market reaches 7.5B euros
August 22, 2013 -- Driven by continued digitization of x-ray systems and increasing healthcare investments in emerging regions, the global market for x-ray equipment reached 7.5 billion euros ($10 billion) in revenue in 2012 and is expected to increase by 18% to reach 9 billion euros ($12 billion) in 2017, according to market research firm IMS Research.  Discuss
fMRI of brain at rest reveals early signs of Alzheimer's
August 21, 2013 -- Functional MRI (fMRI) scans of the brain at rest show disruptions in neural networks in patients with early Alzheimer's disease at about the same time as chemical markers of the disease begin to appear in cerebrospinal fluid, according to a study published online August 19 in JAMA Neurology.  Discuss
MR analysis offers speedy brain tumor therapy response
August 21, 2013 -- An advanced MR analysis method can reveal new information on blood vessel type function, enabling physicians to determine within days whether brain tumor patients are responding to antiangiogenesis therapy, according to a report published online August 18 in Nature Medicine.  Discuss
Ultrasound-detected BI-RADS 3 lesions rarely malignant
August 20, 2013 -- Breast lesions categorized as "probably benign" on supplemental screening ultrasound are rarely malignant and could be re-evaluated at 12 months rather than six -- reducing patient anxiety, follow-up exams, and unnecessary biopsies, according to a study published online in Radiology.  Discuss
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