Patient with cancer receives first 3D-printed titanium jaw
August 10, 2022 -- A patient with head and neck cancer received the first 3D-printed titanium lower jaw in a successful operation, according to an August 4 press release from the Netherlands Cancer Institute. The jaw was reconstructed based on the patient's imaging. Read More
Dr. Raymond Damadian, father of MRI, dies at 86
August 8, 2022 -- Dr. Raymond Damadian, considered by many to be the "father of MRI," died on August 3 at the age of 86. At times a controversial figure, Damadian leaves behind a legacy of accomplishments that radically changed radiology. Read More
Study finds language may be barrier to better MRI efficiency
August 4, 2022 -- A new study published August 2 in Abdominal Radiology found that patients undergoing MRI scans who weren't native English speakers had more difficulty following breathing instructions. This could affect the efficiency of MRI services. Read More
AI, MRI show overlap between psychosis, dementia
August 4, 2022 -- A machine-learning algorithm's analysis of brain MRI exams has revealed the presence of neurobiological links between dementia and psychosis, according to research published online August 3 in JAMA Psychiatry. Read More
Metallic markers produce diverse range of artifacts in breast MRI
August 4, 2022 -- Radiologists must be aware that metallic markers are responsible for artifacts in breast MRI exams, according to Swiss researchers. These artifacts can be of different types and sizes, depending on the MRI sequence, magnetic field, and marker type, they say. Read More
MRI detects 'iron overload' related to genetic mutation
August 2, 2022 -- MRI scans can detect signs of excess iron accumulation in individuals who are genetically predisposed toward the condition, says an August 1 study in JAMA Neurology. What's more, males with this condition are also at higher risk of movement disorders. Read More
Ultrafast DCE-MRI helps predict breast cancer treatment response
August 1, 2022 -- Breast MRI with an ultrafast dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) protocol can help predict complete pathologic response to breast cancer treatment, a French study published July 26 in Radiology found. Read More
Cardiac MRI technique helps measure chemotherapy's effects
July 29, 2022 -- A new cardiac MRI technique helps clinicians measure chemotherapy's effectiveness in patients with a disease called light-chain cardiac amyloidosis, or "stiff heart syndrome," a study published on July 28 in the European Heart Journal has found. Read More
Risk scores can help assessment of dense breast tissue
July 28, 2022 -- Breast density continues to be a challenge for breast radiologists, but recent research sheds new light on how breast imagers can refine cancer risk estimates for women with dense breast tissue. Read More
Is abbreviated MRI useful for women at average breast cancer risk?
July 27, 2022 -- Abbreviated breast MRI may expand access to a sensitive screening exam to more women, but for those at average risk of cancer its harms appear to outweigh its benefits, according to a study published July 20 in the Annals of Surgical Oncology. Read More