Video from RSNA 2021: Tobias Gilk on MRI safety
November 30, 2021 -- CHICAGO - Despite efforts to make the MRI environment safer, accidents continue to occur, most often due to the modality's powerful magnetic fields. We talked to MRI safety expert Tobias Gilk about what more can be done. Read More
Canon's virtual exhibit highlights include new MRI scanner
November 29, 2021 -- While Canon Medical Systems opted not to exhibit in person in McCormick Place, the company is still showcasing its products with a virtual exhibition. Among Canon's highlights are a new MRI scanner, deep learning-based enhancements in CT reconstruction, and a new ultrasound package. Read More
Could nonscanning factors affect abbreviated MRI workflow?
November 29, 2021 -- Nonscanning time between abbreviated breast MRI exams contributes to workflow problems, preventing more patients from being imaged, according to research presented Sunday at the RSNA 2021 annual meeting. Read More
Myocarditis linked to COVID-19 affects small number of athletes
November 29, 2021 -- Heart inflammation linked to COVID-19 affects nearly 2.5% of college athletes, according to research being presented at the RSNA annual meeting. Read More
Photon-counting CT scanner paces Siemens at RSNA 2021
November 28, 2021 -- A new photon-counting CT scanner called Naeotom Alpha is the main attraction at the RSNA 2021 booth of Siemens Healthineers this week. The company is also highlighting new product launches in MRI, conventional CT, software for women's health, and other modalities. Read More
MRI scans show how autism affects young brains over time
November 23, 2021 -- Researchers from Yale University have found that autism affects the microstructure of white matter in the brains of adolescents and young adults over time as indicated on MRI scans. The study results are being presented at the upcoming RSNA 2021 meeting. Read More
Philips launches new MRI scanners on eve of RSNA 2021
November 23, 2021 -- With the start of RSNA 2021 one week away, Philips is launching new 1.5-tesla and 3-tesla MRI scanners, as well as software-based workflow enhancements that are designed to enable radiology facilities to operate more efficiently. Read More
fMRI shows multiple concussions can affect teen brains
November 22, 2021 -- Functional MRI (fMRI) shows that adolescents and young adults who have sustained three to five concussions have disrupted brain connectivity in their default mode network, according to study results being presented at the RSNA 2021 meeting in Chicago. Read More
Breast MRI shows effects of IUDs on body
November 22, 2021 -- Breast MRI shows that intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs) have systemic effects on the body and not just the uterus. The phenomenon could affect the accuracy of breast MRI, according to research being presented at the RSNA 2021 annual meeting. Read More
MRI sheds light on effects of aducanumab Alzheimer's drug
November 22, 2021 -- Researchers have found that MRI helps evaluate the effects of Alzheimer's treatment with the drug aducanumab -- sold commercially as Aduhelm -- and adjust or suspend dosage if needed, according to a study published November 22 in JAMA Neurology. Read More