CE-CBBCT outperforms breast MRI for assessing residual breast tumors
January 13, 2023 -- Preoperative contrast-enhanced conebeam breast CT (CE-CBBCT) is more accurate than MRI in assessing residual breast tumors after breast cancer treatment, findings published January 6 in Academic Radiology suggest. Read More
Half of DCIS-treated women don't get ongoing imaging surveillance
January 11, 2023 -- Nearly half of women treated for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) do not consistently comply with imaging surveillance guidelines in the first five years after treatment, a Dutch study published on January 10 in Radiology suggests. Read More
Mammography screening inequities plague marginalized women
January 11, 2023 -- Mammography screening is less likely to be used by women who are part of marginalized groups, who live in rural areas, and with low-income status and education level, research published on January 9 in the European Journal of Radiology has found. Read More
AI model predicts cancer aggressiveness on PET
January 10, 2023 -- A machine-learning model based on PET imaging features shows promise for helping clinicians assess the aggressiveness of endometrial cancer prior to surgery, according to a study published online January 4 in Cancers. Read More
Ultrasound shows effects of noise pollution on fetal development
January 6, 2023 -- Planes, trains, and automobiles may be annoyances in our everyday lives, but ultrasound shows that such noise pollutants can also affect the embryonic size of fetuses, suggests a study published January 3 in Environment International. Read More
AI models use fetal ultrasound images for gestational age estimates
January 4, 2023 -- Artificial intelligence (AI)-based analysis of ultrasound images and videos can more accurately predict the gestational age of fetuses than conventional fetal biometry techniques, a study published January 4 in JAMA Network Open found. Read More
Breast MRI helps downgrade some BI-RADS 3 lesions from ultrasound
January 4, 2023 -- Breast MRI could enable about 10% of breast lesions to be downgraded to a lower BI-RADS level and settle the need for closer follow-up, according to research published January 3 in the European Journal of Radiology Open. Read More
Preoperative breast MRI linked to reduced recurrence risk
December 23, 2022 -- Preoperative MRI is tied to reduced risk of breast cancer recurrence in patients aged 50 years or younger with cancer diagnosis and for hormone receptor-negative cancers, research presented December 1 at the RSNA annual meeting found. Read More
BPE level affects breast MRI performance
December 23, 2022 -- The level of a woman's background parenchymal enhancement (BPE) on MRI impacts the modality's performance for detecting breast cancer, according to research presented at the recent RSNA meeting in Chicago. Read More
Combining TVUS, MRI, physical exams improve diagnosing endometriosis
December 22, 2022 -- The combination of physical examination, transvaginal ultrasound (TVUS), and pelvic MRI is the best way to diagnose certain locations of deep infiltrating endometriosis, a French study published December 20 in Fertility and Sterility found. Read More
Special Feature
Should breast ultrasound scans after COVID vaccines be postponed?

When using ultrasound to follow up on suspicious breast masses in patients who just got a second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, it may be wise to postpone scans to between 12 and 16 weeks to reduce unnecessary biopsies, according to research published in the American Journal of Roentgenology. Read more

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