Kate Madden Yee

Kate is Editor at AuntMinnie.com. She joined the editorial team in 2007 after freelancing for the site for six years, and brings two decades of radiology journalism experience to her work, including serving as associate editor for Diagnostic Imaging Scan newsletter.

She holds a bachelor's degree in English from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a master's degree in fine arts from Pennsylvania State University. Her beats are CT, MRI, and imaging economics and policy.

Articles by this author
MRI-targeted prostate biopsy protocol halves overdiagnosis
December 8, 2022 -- A prostate cancer biopsy protocol based on targeted MRI rather than systemic ultrasound shows promise for reducing overdiagnosis by half, according to study results published December 8 in the New England Journal of Medicine.  Discuss
Does contrast-enhanced CT boost kids' acute kidney injury risk?
December 8, 2022 -- Does contrast-enhanced CT boost the incidence of acute kidney injury in children? It doesn't seem so, according to a study published December 6 in Radiology.  Discuss
CT radiomics show disparities in colorectal cancer treatment efficacy
December 7, 2022 -- CT radiomics data show significant associations between race and ethnicity and treatment efficacy for metastatic colorectal cancer, according to research presented at the RSNA meeting.  Discuss
Gadopiclenol offers low-dose alternative to other GBCAs
December 5, 2022 -- Gadopiclenol shows comparable performance at a lower contrast dose for visualizing central nervous system lesions on MRI compared to other gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs), according to research presented November 30 at the RSNA annual meeting.  Discuss
Don't go too low on radiation dose for CT lung cancer screening
December 2, 2022 -- CHICAGO - Can low-dose CT lung cancer screening go even lower? Perhaps not, according to research presented November 29 at the RSNA meeting in Chicago.  Discuss
Short MRI plus CT identifies colorectal cancer liver metastases
December 1, 2022 -- CHICAGO - An abbreviated MRI protocol combined with contrast-enhanced CT performs comparably to a standard MRI exam for identifying liver metastases in colorectal cancer patients, according to research presented November 30 at the RSNA meeting.  Discuss
Deep learning plus CT bests EHR for identifying sarcopenia
November 30, 2022 -- CHICAGO - A deep-learning algorithm that flags sarcopenia-related terms in CT imaging reports identifies incidence of the condition more accurately than electronic health record data does, according to research presented November 29 at the RSNA meeting.  Discuss
Take a 'timeout' in the ED to reduce repeat CT exams
November 29, 2022 -- CHICAGO - A multidisciplinary "timeout" discussion between radiologists and emergency department clinicians can prevent unneeded repeat CT exams for transferred trauma patients, according to research presented November 29 at the RSNA meeting.  Discuss
Photon-counting CT bests DSCT for reducing abdominal radiation dose
November 28, 2022 -- CHICAGO - Photon-counting CT reduces radiation dose on abdominal imaging without sacrificing image clarity compared with dual-energy, dual-source CT (DSCT), according to research presented November 27 at the RSNA meeting.  Discuss
What's the most cost-effective way to diagnose liver metastases?
November 27, 2022 -- CHICAGO - MRI appears to be the most cost-effective modality for diagnosing colorectal cancer liver metastases, a presenter said in a November 27 session at RSNA 2022.  Discuss