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Maintain exam quality and consistency despite staff shortages

Remote scanning assistance can help every technologist work like an expert

In the next five years, finding a highly qualified technologist may be very difficult.

Nearly 100,000 medical and lab technologist and technician jobs are expected to be unfilled by 2025.1 This shortage could limit the number of exams your organization can perform and, ultimately, result in lost revenue.

Remote scanning assistance may be able to help you improve access to care.

syngo Virtual Cockpit has exceeded our expectations,” says Ann Hester, MRI Service Line Modality Manager, AdventHealth. “We are now able to perform MR cardiac exams at a location that couldn’t before. Our outpatients can get scanned closer to home and inpatients do not need to be transferred to our main hospital.”2

With syngo Virtual Cockpit remote scanning assistance3, your experts can support on-site staff, enabling them to increase exam quality and perform complex exams in more locations—even during staff shortages.

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1Mercer, healthcare workforce analysis report 2018

2The outcomes achieved by the Siemens Healthineers customers described here in were achieved in the customer's unique setting. Since there is no "typical" hospital and many variables exist (e.g. hospital size, case mix, level of IT adoption) there can be no guarantee that others will achieve the same results.

3 Precondition: Expert-i enabled modality from Siemens Healthineers
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