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Why Women Skip Mammograms: An Interactive Infographic

Threat of COVID-19 spread isn't the only fear keeping women from a mammogram. A Siemens Healthineers study confirms it: pain is the top reason why they stay away.

Download our interactive infographic to explore the findings. As more women return for care, see how to enhance the patient experience with a mammogram that puts her mind and body at ease.
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A mammogram that puts her mind and body at ease

Jena Beuhre dislikes mammograms. She dreads the discomfort. She stresses about the results. And now she fears COVID-19 spread.

This time, her exam was different. It was done on MAMMOMAT Revelation, a system that puts the mind and body at ease. For Jena, that meant no pain. No pinching. No lesions.

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Download the Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Breast compression built for comfort

Early detection saves lives. But many women skip the exam because compressing the breast hurts.

MAMMOMAT Revelation is different. Compression is automated to the structure of each breast. The result? Gentler, more comfortable exams.

See how automated compression improves the patient experience.

Download the Whitepaper
Download the Whitepaper

Case Study: Delivering a better patient experience

To find breast cancer early, women must be tested. Often, the exam is skipped due to pain and stress. Cut those factors and more women will get an exam.

That's what Emily Sedgwick, MD discovered at Baylor Clinic. This case study shows her remarkable commitment to improving the patient experience.

Download the Case Study
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