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Like UV filtration, not all CT filtration is the same

See how selecting a CT with the proper filtration is like choosing a pair of sunglasses

Reducing radiation dose for your patients as much as possible while maintaining image quality is the ultimate goal.

Traditional CT filtration technologies are limited by the amount of dose reduction before image quality is impacted. Reimagining the X-ray pre-filtration process by adding another layer led to the development of Tin Filtration, which works to overcome historic limits on dose reduction without sacrificing image quality.

Check out our video and see how Tin Filtration is like selecting better quality sunglasses.
Watch  and try on our Tin Filtration sunglasses
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Tin Filtration is only one of our advancements in beam filtration. These technologies have opened the door to greater achievements in terms of dose reduction and clinical capabilities. Choosing the right system can help you expand precision medicine and deliver outcomes that matter to your patients.

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