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Invest wisely: Philips x-ray & fluoroscopy solutions provide clinical confidence and efficient workflow - for the long run

We know the last year has been a tremendous challenge. Projects have been on hold; budgets are trimmed until they hurt. But you need to provide x-ray and fluoroscopy services and volumes are increasing. Old rooms need to be replaced but how do you choose your next imaging investment?

Philips x-ray and fluoroscopy systems are built for the long run and supported by world class service. In fact, we were just awarded the 2020 IMV ServiceTrak award for Best System Performance. We thank our customers for their votes of confidence, and invite the rest of you to take a fresh look at Philips.

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IMV Seal General X-ray SerciveTrak 2019/2020

CombiDiagnost R90 is an extremely flexible fluoroscopy and DRF solution, whether as a cost and space-saving table only configuration, all the way up to a full DRF room with a ceiling mounted x-ray tube and vertical stand. CombiDiagnost packs in benefits to maximize your investment and increase your workflow. A CombiDiagnost DRF room can save you 30%!1


Now includes the revolutionary Eleva Tube Head with live camera for efficient patient positioning and to help avoid retakes

Our Grid Controlled Fluoroscopy technology which provides low dose exams with excellent image quality from short sharp pulses and an incredible range of frame rates from 0.5 - 30 fps


Table weight capacity of 626 lbs. (with all movements!) and a height-adjustable table

A full 72" SID on the table for chest imaging

59" of orthopedic stitching coverage on the table, supine or upright (weight-bearing)

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DigitalDiagnost C50 is Philips new entry-level digital rad room. Built with the same premium features as our DigitalDiagnost family, DigitalDiagnost C50 offers value without clinical compromise with Philips quality and support for the long run. Highlights include:


The same Eleva user interface found on all our systems saves time and can reduce training concerns

The same Trixell detectors found in our portfolio, fixed and wireless; always Cesium Iodide technology for low dose and excellent image quality

The same UNIQUE 2 image processing found on all our systems for no compromise clinical confidence and image quality

Essential standard features like vertical tracking and Windows 10 for IT security

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And both systems can be paired with our Tube & Detector for Life service program that protects your most costly system components, reducing your overall cost of ownership. Come visit us on the web today, and click contact us to setup a meeting with your Philips representative.

Tube & Detector for Life

1. World reference prices for CombiDiagnost R90 High Performance Room compared to a dedicated fluoroscopy and a dedicated radiography room.

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