Are community rads supported for oncology imaging?
July 10, 2020 -- Although the rate of advanced oncological imaging in specialized, academic cancer centers has increased over the past 15 years, most of these exams continue to be read by radiologists in other practice settings who may not have specific expertise, according to a study published July 5 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.  Discuss
PET, MRI uncover women's predisposition to Alzheimer's
June 24, 2020 -- PET and MR images have revealed four significant differences in the brains of middle-aged women and men that may shed light on why females are more susceptible to Alzheimer's disease, according to a study published online June 24 in Neurology.  Discuss
PET/CT confirms breast cancer predicted by blood markers
June 11, 2020 -- FDG-PET/CT can detect breast cancer metastases predicted by elevated tumor marker values in asymptomatic patients who have already undergone locoregional treatment, according to a study published June 9 in Oncology.  Discuss
PET links lower sleep levels with Alzheimer's risk
June 10, 2020 -- Individuals with mild cognitive impairment who slept less than six hours per night had higher levels of amyloid buildup -- a known contributor to Alzheimer's disease -- on PET scans than those who got more sleep, according to a study out of Japan published online June 9 in JAMA Open.  Discuss
New tau PET tracer better targets source of Alzheimer's
June 10, 2020 -- A new PET tracer designed to improve the detection of tau deposits in key brain regions of patients suspected of Alzheimer's disease could greatly advance accurate diagnoses, according to a proof-of-concept study published in the June issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  Discuss
What's the best way to image COVID-19?
June 3, 2020 -- Researchers from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City have released an overview of imaging modalities used to diagnose and manage COVID-19 pneumonia, trends to watch in artificial intelligence, and a description of nonchest complications from the disease. The review was published June 1 in Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging.  Discuss
PET/MRI shows inflammation link to mitral valve prolapse
June 1, 2020 -- Researchers using a hybrid PET/MRI scanner detected a link between degenerative mitral valve prolapse and F-18 FDG uptake, a surrogate for myocardial inflammation and/or ischemia. The results, published online May 27 in JAMA Cardiology, apply to asymptomatic patients as well, suggesting an ongoing subclinical disease process.  Discuss
FDA approves Avid's flortaucipir PET agent for tau imaging
May 28, 2020 -- In what the agency called a regulatory first, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the radiopharmaceutical flortaucipir F-18 for imaging tau pathology on PET scans. The agent was developed by Eli Lilly subsidiary Avid Radiopharmaceuticals and will be marketed as Tauvid.  Discuss
SPECT agent could help spot DNA damage from radiotherapy
May 19, 2020 -- Researchers from the U.K. may have developed a way to observe in vivo DNA damage a few days after treatment for neuroendocrine tumors with lutetium-177-DOTATATE, according to a proof-of-concept preclinical study published in the May issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  Discuss
New PET technique visualizes early Alzheimer's disease
May 13, 2020 -- A new PET technique can visualize early Alzheimer's disease by imaging the synaptic density of the brain as indicated by the presence of a particular protein, according to a study by researchers from Yale University that was published May 13 in the Alzheimer's & Dementia Journal.  Discuss
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