Can AI help detect congenital heart disease on fetal ultrasound?
May 14, 2021 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) model can significantly improve the detection of congenital heart disease on fetal screening ultrasound exams, according to researchers from the University of California, San Francisco. Read More
Ultrasound-on-a-chip could monitor internal body processes
May 14, 2021 -- A tiny, wireless computer chip that uses ultrasound may be the future of monitoring the human body, able to be injected into the body to monitor processes in real-time, according to a study published May 7 in Science Advances. Read More
Ultrasound societies say 'no change' to contrast agent policy
May 11, 2021 -- No changes should be made to clinical guidelines on the use of ultrasound contrast agents in the wake of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's recent statement on adverse reactions to contrast, according to statements made by a group of medical societies. Read More
Early heart damage raises risk of death in COVID patients
May 10, 2021 -- Hospitalized COVID-19 patients who had impaired first-phase ejection fraction on echocardiography were nearly five times more likely to die, compared with patients with healthier measures of this early sign of heart failure, according to new research published May 10 in Hypertension. Read More
Heart damage post-COVID-19 proves rare in college athletes
May 10, 2021 -- Heart damage in college athletes who had COVID-19 is relatively rare, with only 4% of athletes showing heart abnormalities on initial ultrasound screening and none showing heart damage on follow-up MRI scans, according to a study published May 10 in Circulation. Read More
Ultrasound accurate in diagnosing hand injuries
May 10, 2021 -- Ultrasound can accurately diagnose hand injuries while also being a fast, inexpensive, and potentially indispensable dynamic tool, according to research published April 29 in Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. Read More
Lung ultrasound can determine care needs for COVID patients
May 5, 2021 -- Bedside lung ultrasound can determine whether or not COVID-19 patients need admission to intensive care units, according to research from Brazil published May 3 in Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. Read More
Ultrasound scanning technique may not change clinical outcomes
May 4, 2021 -- Although ultrasound is said to be an operator-dependent modality, researchers found that any differences in technique between radiologists and sonographers in scanning children presenting with suspected acute appendicitis did not translate into changes in clinical outcomes, according to research published April 29 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Read More
AI can help classify masses found on breast ultrasound
May 3, 2021 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) software can aid radiologists in characterizing masses on screening breast ultrasound exams by improving cancer detection and reducing false positives, according to research from Yale University. Read More
Telediagnostic ultrasound successful in Peru pilot study
April 30, 2021 -- A new telediagnostic ultrasound protocol that doesn't need a trained sonographer or high-speed internet showed success in a pilot program held in Peru. The study was presented at this month's virtual American Roentgen Ray Society meeting. Read More