Lower the dose rate without sacrificing image quality with Philips Grid-controlled fluoroscopy


Enhance image quality while decreasing dose rate

As Imaging professionals, you are aware of the growing concerns about unnecessary radiation. Your challenge is to generate reliable, high IQ images that follow the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable), thus keeping the X-ray dose low and your patients safe.

Philips Grid-controlled fluoroscopy (GCF) has been proven to:

  • Provide the lowest possible dose for your patients
  • Reduce the pediatric dose rate by 68%1
  • Output sharp images
  • Optimize image quality per frame
  • Offer great brightness regulation
Philips Grid-controlled fluoroscopy (GCF) animation video

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Philips CombiDiagnost R90 and ProxiDiagnost N90—two-in-one digital radiography solutions with remote or nearby fluoroscopy—help clinicians achieve a flexible and efficient workflow. The GCF technology is an innovative advantage found only in these Philips systems.

Philips CombiDiagnost R90

Philips CombiDiagnost R90

Philips ProxiDiagnost N90

Philips ProxiDiagnost N90

Explore how you can lower the dose rate without sacrificing image quality with GCF technology featured on Philips CombiDiagnost R90 and ProxiDiagnost N90.

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1. Relative difference of two reference air kerma rates between system with GCF and system with PCF.

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