Michigan adds requirements for medical imaging equipment operators

Staff operating ionizing radiation equipment in Michigan are now required to meet certain qualifications for active status and employment.

The new rules now in effect in Michigan help ensure that only medical radiologic technologists with the appropriate education and training can operate medical imaging equipment, according to an American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) legislative update. The rules also establish initial and continuing education requirements for limited-scope radiographers and radiologist assistants.

ARRT Director of Government Affairs Dana Aragon said the effort started five years ago when advocates in Michigan tried to persuade the Michigan Legislature to require licensure for radiologic technologists. Together, ARRT and the Michigan Society of Radiologic Technologists (MSRT) eventually bypassed the state legislature and focused instead on the state's administrative rules.

"We worked with the state to update the language that existed on equipment operation, education, clinical requirements, and credentialing," Aragon explained in the ARRT update.

The ARRT said the next goal in Michigan is to block a state legislative bill that would open the door to advanced practice registered nurses ordering, performing, and imaging studies. Both the ARRT and the MSRT are opposing that measure.

If passed, the bill would lower industry standards for personnel who perform medical procedures, according to the ARRT. In an update, Aragon noted that the bill doesn't require education in radiobiology, medical radiation production, radiography positioning, image evaluation, or radiation protection.

Read the full filing here.

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