Can AI help detect congenital heart disease on fetal ultrasound?
May 14, 2021 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) model can significantly improve the detection of congenital heart disease on fetal screening ultrasound exams, according to researchers from the University of California, San Francisco. Read More
Ultrasound-on-a-chip could monitor internal body processes
May 14, 2021 -- A tiny, wireless computer chip that uses ultrasound may be the future of monitoring the human body, able to be injected into the body to monitor processes in real-time, according to a study published May 7 in Science Advances. Read More
PET promises new approaches in detecting atherosclerosis
May 13, 2021 -- PET imaging has moved to the forefront of molecular imaging of atherosclerosis, according to a study published May 7 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. The researchers examined the new radiotracers that are available and described their pros and cons. Read More
Technology Focus: Neuro42 develops low-field MRI technology
May 13, 2021 -- In this Technology Focus video interview, we talked to Amit Vohra, PhD, the CEO of startup MRI developer Neuro42. The company is developing a low-field MRI scanner designed to assist with interventional procedures. Read More
AI of x-ray predicts prognosis of COVID-19 patients
May 12, 2021 -- Emergency departments may be able to triage high-risk COVID-19 patients on x-ray with the help of an artificial intelligence (AI) model, according to research published May 12 in npj Digital Medicine. Read More
3 ways radiology can improve patient 'handoffs'
May 12, 2021 -- Radiology "handoffs" -- that is, transitioning patients to other departments or physician teams -- are crucial to effective patient care. But there's room for improvement, according to a study published May 11 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Read More
How can radiologists benefit from AI in 2021?
May 12, 2021 -- So let's say your radiology practice has decided to take the plunge into artificial intelligence (AI). What's the best way to get started when choosing among companies touting hundreds of applications? Radiologist Dr. Peter Chang offers some advice. Read More
In some patients, COVID-19 reduces gray-matter volume
May 12, 2021 -- CT shows that COVID-19 patients who require oxygen treatment and those who have fever have reduced gray-matter volume in the frontal-temporal lobe of the brain months after hospital discharge, according to a study published May 11 in Neurobiology of Stress. Read More
Hospital-based doctors order more inappropriate MRI scans
May 11, 2021 -- The odds of a patient receiving a referral for an inappropriate MRI scan are 26% higher when the patient is referred by a hospital-based primary care physician compared with a doctor in private practice, according to a study published May 3 in Health Affairs. Read More
Ultrasound societies say 'no change' to contrast agent policy
May 11, 2021 -- No changes should be made to clinical guidelines on the use of ultrasound contrast agents in the wake of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's recent statement on adverse reactions to contrast, according to statements made by a group of medical societies. Read More