AI can stratify risk of COVID-19 based on chest x-rays
January 14, 2022 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm could be utilized in low-resource settings to stratify a patient's risk of having COVID-19 based on their chest x-rays, according to research published online January 13 in Intelligence-Based Medicine. Read More
Ultrasound fetal monitoring takes time for maternity nurses
January 14, 2022 -- Using ultrasound to monitor fetal heart rates can take up a lot of time for labor and delivery nurses, according to research published January 13 in Nursing for Women's Health. Read More
New USPSTF guidelines reduce CT lung screening disparities
January 13, 2022 -- New recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) on CT lung cancer screening provide more access to screening for African Americans, according to research published January 13 in JAMA Oncology. Read More
MaxQ discontinues Accipio AI software as firm switches gears
January 13, 2022 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) software firm MaxQ is switching gears, discontinuing its Accipio line of software for detection and triage of intracranial hemorrhage and ending its involvement in the development of image analysis-based AI applications. Read More
Whole-spine MRI uncovers abusive head trauma injuries in children
January 13, 2022 -- Performing MRI of the whole spine in young children thought to be victims of abusive head trauma can help detect injuries that may be missed on regular imaging, according to a study published January 12 in the American Journal of Roentgenology. Read More
Dark-field chest x-ray measures up to CT for diagnosing emphysema
January 13, 2022 -- Dark-field chest x-ray could become an option over CT for the detection and staging of emphysema in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to a study published January 11 in Radiology. Read More
Radiohybrid tracer superior to CT in prostate cancer imaging
January 13, 2022 -- An experimental radiohybrid PET tracer is more effective than CT for identifying tumors prior to surgery in patients with advanced prostate cancer, according to a study published January 6 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Read More
Photon-counting CT improves interstitial pneumonia diagnosis
January 12, 2022 -- Photon-counting CT improves reader confidence when it comes to diagnosing interstitial pneumonia -- and it reduces radiation dose by more than 17%, according to research presented at the recent RSNA 2021 meeting. Read More
CMS to limit coverage of new drugs for Alzheimer's disease
January 12, 2022 -- The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed a national coverage determination that would limit coverage for drugs like aducanumab only to people enrolled in qualifying clinical trials. Read More
Time of day may increase odds of DBT recalls
January 12, 2022 -- Fatigue endured by less-experienced radiologists later in the day may lead to more recalls in breast imaging when reading digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) images, according to research published January 11 in Radiology. Read More
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